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Carlsbad Caverns

The Carlsbad Caverns is a National Park located in the Guadalupe Mountains of southeastern New Mexico. Beneath Southern New Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert lies a maze of about 300 limestone caves, carved more than 250 million years ago. The main attraction of the park is the show cave. The Carlsbad Caverns National Park has guided tours of most of the park’s ... Read More »

Bernal Peak

The Bernal Peak, located in Queretaro, Mexico is the world’s third biggest monolith. It is slightly smaller than the Sugarloaf Mountain of Rio de Janeiro and the Rock of Gibraltar of Spain. The monolith formed about 100 million years ago, specifically during the Jurassic era. During that time, the monolith was more or less three times higher than it is ... Read More »

Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is an inlet at the Atlantic Ocean located at the northern coast of Maine and runs all the way into Canada. The famous Bay of Fundy is a 170 mile ocean bay known to have the world’s highest tide at 54 feet/ 16m. The Bay’s varied marine biodiversity and ecosystem are as plentiful as the Amazon ... Read More »

Banff National Park

The Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada. The Park has an area of 6,641 square kilometers and has a tree line that lies by around 7,500 feet. These tree lines lead to the alpine meadows and glaciers. Located within 110-180 kilometers west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Banff National Park houses an exceptional selection of ecological and ... Read More »

Arches National Park

Arches National Park is a United States national park in Grand County, Southeastern Utah. The park is a red and dry desert interposed with sandstone forms like fins, spires, balanced rocks, pinnacles and arches that have unusually eroded. The park includes the world’s biggest collection natural stone arches and with an area of 73,000 acres, protects more than 2,000 natural ... Read More »

Veracruse Coral Reef

The coral reef system of Veracruz is a national park, which is made of two areas. The first area is in front of Punta Anton Lizardo, while the other is fronting the city of Veracruz. Several islands, 23 reefs, and islets combine the coral reef system. The Veracruz coral reef system is wealthy in flora and in fauna. However, the ... Read More »

Trifinio Biosphere Reserve

Trifinio Biosphere Reserve is situated Cerro Montecristo in the country of Guatemala. Created in 1987, Trifinio Biosphere Reserve aims to protect Montecristo’s cloud forest and its unique flora and fauna. Its area is at 221 sq kilometers or 7874 feet. Its thick cloud forest consists of laurel trees and oak trees which grow to a maximum of 30 meters. It ... Read More »

Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey is part of a National Park at Guatemala, particularly in Alta Verapaz. It features a series of ponds and pools located on a natural bridge that stretches across Cahabon River. The words Semuc Champey came from the Mayan Kekchi language, which means “sacred water”. The waters of the Cahabon River flow underground Semuc champey, for about 350 meters. ... Read More »

Rio Dulce

Rio Dulce is the Spanish word for “sweet river”, which perfectly describes this spectacular river in Central America. Because there are no commercial industries along the water system, the waters of Rio Dulce remain clean, fresh and clear. Many tourists enjoy the tranquil ambience of Rio Dulce, thus making the place ideal for relaxation. Rio Dulce is also home to ... Read More »

Pacaya Volcano

Pacaya Volcano, located in Guatemala is an active volcano with its first eruption happened estimated 23,000 years ago. Its elevation is at 8373 feet specifically found 19 miles of Guatemala City near Antigua. After being inactive for one hundred years, Pacaya Volcano became violent in 1965 until now. Despite of the eruptions, it is still a popular tourist destination because ... Read More »