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Ometepe Island

Ometepe Island is a breathtaking paradise situated within the Nicaragua Lake. The island takes on the shape of an inverted number eight because of the two volcanoes united by a small isthmus. These two volcanoes in the island, Concepcion and Maderas, add to the beauty and spectacle of the Ometepe Island. The volcanoes are home to rich habitats and interesting ... Read More »

Nicaragua Lake

Nicaragua Lake is the largest lake in the country. It comes in a variety of names such as La Mar Dulce and Cocibolca. The lake of Nicaragua serves a number of practical purposes. It is used for irrigation, fishing and as a link between the Caribbean Sea and Nicaragua. Moreover, the pristine waters of the lake are home to different ... Read More »

Pico Bonito National Park

Pico Bonito National Park is the second largest parks in Honduras. Its total area measures 1073 kilometers and it is high in biodiversity. One of the most famous attractions in the park is the mountain range of Nombre de Dios, which is known as the largest peak at Pico Bonito. The peak is a challenge to access because of its ... Read More »

Nahanni National Park

Located in the Northwest Territories of Canada, Nahanni National Park has a size of more than 413,000 acres where the 7 million acres is composed only of wilderness, alpine tundra, boreal forest, mountains which separates Northwest Territories and Yukon. Its name was derived from Naha which refers to a tribe of violent warriors who were missing in the valley that ... Read More »

Masaya volcano

Masaya volcano is a shield volcano, which is built almost completely out of fluid lava flows. The floor of the Masaya caldera is covered with poorly vegetated lava, while the far eastern portion of the caldera is occupied by a lake. The area surrounding the volcano has become a national park, the first and the largest park in Nicaragua. The ... Read More »

Laguna Lachua

Laguna Lachua is a pristine clear lake that comes in a nearly perfect circular shape. The lake features a vast land that measures 14,500 hectares, which appears like a patch of land floating in the middle of turquoise pure waters. The lake of Lachua is situated below sea level, with a depth of 222 meters and an altitude of 173 ... Read More »

Lake Atitlan

Located in the Guatemalan Highlands is Lake Atitlan, which is a lake, characterized by not following toward the sea. Its name was derived from the Mayan term “atitlan” with has a translation of “really too much for a good thing” or too good to be true. It is known to be the most profound lake in Central America with its ... Read More »

La Mosquitia

La Mosquitia tropical rainforest is a rich region that holds a wide array of natural treasures such as lagoons, lush forests, mangrove swamps, savannas, breathtaking beaches, rivers and waterfalls. The tropical rainforest in this region is the largest in the entire Central America. La Mosquitia is home to the indigenous people, diverse and rich habitats, exciting cultures and interesting species ... Read More »

Jeanette Kawas National Park

The Jeanette Kawas National Park, formerly known as Punta Sal, is one of the largest reserves in Honduras. A majestic white sand beach and seawater filled with seaweeds greet anyone upon arriving to the island. However, a few more walks from the beach will lead to a hiking trail. The trail is full of different kinds of exotic plants, trees ... Read More »

Cayos Cochinos

The islands of Cayos Cochinos are breathtaking because of the white sand beaches and lush tropical forest. The islands and the surrounding waters are considered part of the marine reserve since 1994. The Honduran Coral Reef Foundation manages the marine protected area of the islands. Because of the islands’ small population, the marine life in Cayos remains unspoiled. The reef ... Read More »