Mexico, which is officially known as United Mexican States, is a federal constitutional republic in North America. Its neighboring countries are United States in the north, Guatemala and Belize in the southeast, and bodies of water such as Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico by the east and Caribbean Sea. Its vast land area is 761,606 square miles with a population ... Read More »


Honduras, which is officially called Republic of Honduras, is a country found in the central part of America. Previously, it is known as Spanish Honduras to distinguish it from British Honduras. Its neighboring countries are Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Pacific Ocean. Honduras has a vast area of 43,278 square miles with an estimated population of 8,249,574 in the year ... Read More »


Guatemala is a country in Central America with neighboring countries like Mexico, Belize, Caribbean, Honduras, El Salvador and Pacific Ocean. Its vast area is at 42,043 square miles with a population of 13,550,440 as of 2010. The capital city is Guatemala City and Guatemalan people peaks the Spanish language. The country has a diverse culture from the native Maya people ... Read More »

El Salvador

El Salvador, which means Republic of the Savior, is the smallest but most populated country in Central America. Its capital city is San Salvador and its neighboring countries are Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Gulf of Fonseca. With its area of 8,124 square miles, its population is estimated at seven million in 2009. Its climate is tropical with both wet and ... Read More »


Canada, located in North America, is composed of three territories and ten provinces. It lies to the Atlantic Ocean in the east toward the Pacific Ocean and Arctic Ocean in the north. Its vast area is 9.9 million square kilometers even bigger than the United States, with a population of more than thirty four million as of 2011. Ottawa is ... Read More »


The Republic of Panama, also known by the name Panama, is in the southernmost part of North America. This country is fully located on the isthmus which connects North America with South America. The Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica, Pacific Ocean and Colombia surround this small island. Panama City is the capital of this country. Panama is well-known for its wildlife-rich ... Read More »


Belize Islands has always been regarded as a land of wonders. From the world famous Blue Hole to Mayan ruins, Belize is the perfect and apt place for all who want to experience and explore historical heritage and natural wonders together. Especially for the nature lovers, there is much to see and feel in every nook and corner of this ... Read More »

Costa Rica

This country located in the Central America, just between Nicaragua and Panama, is home to abundant physical features such as mountains, volcanoes, and waterfalls. Costa Rica is also regarded as paradise in their part because of the natural wonders it possess. The species living in this country may reach up to thousands and the vegetation is not uniform among the ... Read More »