Apoyo Lagoon

The Apoyo Lagoon has one of the purest crystal-clear fresh water among all the other bodies of water in Nicaragua. In fact, it has low levels of contamination from human and natural sources. The lagoon’s surface measures 2,100 hectares, and its conic hole reaches about 200 meters below sea level. A crater borders this volcanic lagoon, and it has an inverted cone shape. Its angle of inclination is not equal in all directions, and the highest portion of the slope is about 623 meters above sea level.

The famous volcanic lagoon is in the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. It is in close proximity to several of the country’s highly populated cities such as Masaya and Granada. Many tourists frequent the Apoyo Lagoon because of its simple beauty, clean waters and rich flora and fauna. Moreover, the lagoon has a few hot springs, and the tourists get to enjoy scuba diving and kayaking in this outstanding natural wonder.

Because of human activities, several portions of the lagoon faced conservation process. Hence, the government has declared it as a natural reserve, in its hopes of preserving the beauty of the Apoyo Lagoon. The lagoon houses more than 500 species of plants and trees, 200 species of birds and a variety of animals such as green iguanas, opossums, pacas and common boas.

During the summer months, the temperature of the water reaches 27 to 28 degrees C. It is during this season that strong winds bring cold waters from the deep portions of the lagoon. Thus, many tourists flock this wonderful attraction all throughout summer, preferably in December until May.