Banff National Park

The Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada. The Park has an area of 6,641 square kilometers and has a tree line that lies by around 7,500 feet. These tree lines lead to the alpine meadows and glaciers.

Located within 110-180 kilometers west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Banff National Park houses an exceptional selection of ecological and geological features such as Icefields, glaciers, mountains, alpine meadows, lakes, canyons, hoodoos and mineral hot springs. These features are what the visitors like the best.

The Banff National Park has incredible ski slopes like the one in Lake Louise Mountain Resort. The ski slopes are single ski areas which allow skiing on four mountain faces. The Banff National Park has classified hiking trails of more than 1,000 miles. If visitors want to relax in a hot mineral spring and watch snowflakes spin in front of them or watch the stars, they should visit the park in a cold summer evening.

The Banff National Park houses a lot of wildlife. Wild animals at the park include black bears, moose, wolves and mountain caribou. The park’s wildlife is one of the main reasons visitors flock to the place although, at times these wild animals tend to be not highly visible. Some visitors become lucky when some of these animals appear.

If visitors want to see the wildlife of Banff National Park, the best time to visit is in April and May or during September and October. There is a massive influx of visitors during these months.