Barra de Santiago Beach

Barra de Santiago Beach, located in El Salvador is a living paradise not made by any industrial areas and infrastructures enclosing it. It remains to have no intervention from humans who give visitors a different level of peace, safety, tranquillity and relaxing shelter to stay. It is located in Ahuachapan which can be reached in two hours by car and four hours for bus drive. Though the place is considered under civilized, it is still blessed with wildlife like mangroves, turtles, and crocodiles. Bird watching is also a famous activity in the area because of the several bird species present.

The beaches are virtually remote, clean, and long stretched which makes it a place to visit for people who love nature. From this area, you can easily move to El Impossible National Park for a day trip. For those who want to get away with their busy city life, this is the perfect place to run. In addition to the breathtaking scenery, tourists are given a very special treatment just like a friend or a family member. In the months of August and September, thousands of extinct species are found like Olive Ridley turtles which are being hatched in the sanctuary and soon freed.

When taking a vacation in the Barra de Santiago Beach, it is very important to experience adventure and once in a lifetime experience. Some activities, which are highly recommended, include surfing, swimming, sightseeing, sun bathing and all of these won’t be complete without picture taking.

For those who are planning their vacation, it is advised to visit during the dry season during March to October. Its cold season is in November until February. Whichever you prefer, Barra de Santiago Beach is always open all throughout the year.