Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is an inlet at the Atlantic Ocean located at the northern coast of Maine and runs all the way into Canada.
The famous Bay of Fundy is a 170 mile ocean bay known to have the world’s highest tide at 54 feet/ 16m. The Bay’s varied marine biodiversity and ecosystem are as plentiful as the Amazon Rainforest. Its waters have up to 12 different species of whales, and a large quantity of porpoises, dolphins, seals, fish and a lot more.

The vigorous and dramatic coastlines of the famed Bay of Fundy combine the force of the highest and strongest tides on Earth with the beauty of a varied and virgin shoreline. Wildlife can be found along the shores Bay of Fundy, in the water and air. Plovers and sandpipers scampering all over the mudflats are a common sight at the Bay, so are white-tailed deer drinking at the lakes and rivers. Bald eagles, peregrine falcons and ospreys, can also be seen hovering over the skies of the Bay.

The best time to experience the wonders of the Bay of Fundy is during the low tide which occurs twice within a 24-hour period. High tides and low tides occur every 6 hours and last for 1 hour each time. If visitors are interested in whale and bird watching, the best time to visit the Bay is in August. This is the time birds migrate to the Bay to experience the warmth and the abundance of the sources of food.