Bernal Peak

The Bernal Peak, located in Queretaro, Mexico is the world’s third biggest monolith. It is slightly smaller than the Sugarloaf Mountain of Rio de Janeiro and the Rock of Gibraltar of Spain. The monolith formed about 100 million years ago, specifically during the Jurassic era. During that time, the monolith was more or less three times higher than it is today. It has since shrunk to its present height.
The rock which is the Bernal Peak, brings long life to the residents of the San Sebastian Bernal which is a small town in Queretaro, Mexico. It is said that the average life span of the inhabitants is stunning 94.7 years. The uniqueness of the rock makes it an attractive sight to the numerous visitors.

Rock climbing, motor crossing, mountain biking and walking are activities that can be done to enjoy the beauty of the rock. The awesome landscape of the Bernal Peak allows visitors to take magnificent photographs of the rock as well as the surrounding fauna. The Bernal Peak can also be explored through walking. There have been no recorded sightings of wildlife by the hikers.

There is no specific best time of the year to visit the Bernal Peak because the entire year is the best time. Visitors to the Peak usually make a pilgrimage to the Peak’s highest point. Halfway to the top of the Peak, they visit a small chapel for prayer. Hiking is the best way to around and enjoy the picturesque sights of the Bernal Peak.