Blue Hole

In a small country named Belize, you will find the Blue National Park exactly situated just outside Hummingbird Highway in Cayo District. It has a vast area of more than five hundred (500) acres and known to be blessed with two cave systems namely Crystal and St Hermans. It is covered with an improved karst landscape situated around the Blue Hole. You will also find interesting trails, and a cool jungle pool and this are where the park derived its name. The beautiful park is housing more than 200 hundred bird species such as Piratic Flycather, Red-legged Honeycreeper and Slaty Antwaren. In addition, species like Jaguar, Ocelot and Jaguarundi were recorded.

The sink hole on where the park got its name is part of an underground river built due to roof caving. Swimming is a good activity to engage to because of its inviting fresh and clear water. For those who are not fond of swimming, sightseeing and strolling are also good activities to try. The hole is surrounded with lush vegetation, which makes the ambiance very relaxing and refreshing.
Because of the many tourists who want to see and experience the beauty of nature, the management has built some facilities to complete the visitor’s experience. You will find rest areas, visitor centre, benches, guard house and other improvements like the construction of a new trail system.

Blue Hole National Park is open all year round from 8AM until 4PM; however, it is advised to be extra careful after a heavy rain due to muddy and slippery surroundings.