Bocas del Toro

Found in the province of Panama, Bocas Del has a vast area of 4643 square kilometers composed of nine big islands and a mainland. Its capital city is the Bocas del Toro on Colon Island and some of its major cities include Changuinola and Almirante. Bocas del Toro’s population is only 125,461 as of 2010. This beautiful island was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502 with borders of Limon Province in the west, Caribbean Sea in the north, Ngobe-Bugle Comarca in the east and Chiriqui Province, in the south.

Despite of its size, this small province is composed of two distinguished national parks namely La Amistad International Park and Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park. Its lush vegetation, ancient customs, and biodiversity are just some of the wonders Boca del Toro is endowed. To enjoy the beauty of nature, snorkeling, bird watching, sightseeing, surfing, renting sailboats, spa and diving are just some of the most recommended activities.

Bocas Del Torro has several places nearby, which also need to be visited. An example is the Swan Key, which is a bird sanctuary where you can find pelicans, tropic birds, boobies, frigates and seagulls. As per San Cristobal Island, it is rich in the marine environment such as beautiful reefs and dolphins.

The annual average temperature is at 27 degrees centigrade where the rainy season is from May to August and November to January. The recommendation is to visit the place during the dry season in the months of February, March, April, September and October to have a memorable vacation.