Cave of Swallows

The famous Cave of Swallows is ranked as one of the largest natural pits of the world. The Cave is in Aquismon, San Luis Potosi in Mexico. Also, the abyss has a depth of 376 meters and a diameter of almost 60 meters. Its oval mouth is 160×205 feet wide. The entrance of the cave allows for a freefall of 1,220 feet all the way to the bottom of the cave. Although named the Cave of Swallows, there are no swallows in the cave. What could be found are apus apus (a hummingbird and swallow relative) and the parrots Aratinga holochlora.

Initially, scientists were the only ones interested in the Cave of Swallows. However, today, tourists and speleologists frequent the cave. The Mexican government regards the cave as a biosphere reserve and is protecting it against too much exploitation.
Most visitors go to the Cave of Swallows in large tour groups to experience the adventure that cave has to offer. They usually spend the whole day taking a dive into the Cave. To be able to dive into the Cave of Swallows, an individual needs to have the necessary equipment and permits.

Since most visitors go to the famous Cave of Swallows to dive into the cave, it is not advisable to go cave diving when it is raining. The top of the cave can replicate a waterfall when there are heavy rains. Enjoy a cave diving adventure during the dry season. It is safe to go cave diving in the months of November to April.