Cayos Cochinos

The islands of Cayos Cochinos are breathtaking because of the white sand beaches and lush tropical forest. The islands and the surrounding waters are considered part of the marine reserve since 1994. The Honduran Coral Reef Foundation manages the marine protected area of the islands. Because of the islands’ small population, the marine life in Cayos remains unspoiled. The reef system of Cayos Cochinos is among the most prized and the most diverse in the entire Caribbean.

Cayos Cochinos is a group of small cays and two small islands. The islands are situated about 30 kilometers at the northeast of La Ceiba, located on the northern coast of Honduras. As compared to several big islands in the Caribbean, Cayos Cochinos is not very accessible to tourists. There are no roads in the islands, which is why tourists can only reach Cayos Cochinos by boat.

Plantation Beach Resort is a sole tourist destination in the island. It offers a great beach resort to tourists who wish to enjoy this virgin paradise. Nature lovers enjoy the wonders of Cayos Cochinos. The most popular activities in the islands include snorkeling and diving. The rich marine life and purest waters make Cayos Cochinos one of the best paradises in the world.

Mid-February to September is the best months to visit the islands, as these are the driest months of the year in Cayos Cochinos. The rainy months make it difficult to get around the islands; thus, more tourists frequent the place during the summer months.