Chiriqui National Marine Park

Chiriqui National Marine Park has a wide area of 14,740 hectares of the sea and islands. It is located in Chiriqui province, which is the second most established province in Panama. It was built in the year 1994 where it includes the inhabited islands of Paridita and Parida together with several uninhabited islands such as San Jose, Icacos, Bolanos, Corral de Piedra and many more. If you are to come from Panama City, it is around 500 kilometers away from the city. To go there, you can pass by Horconcitos town going to Pedregal Port and from there; you can have a three hour boat ride to Paridas Islands.

Its savanna type tropical climate has an average temperature of around 27 degrees Celsius with an average yearly rainfall between 2000 mm to 2500 mm. Because of its rainfall, it grows a humid tropical forest with trees such as oaks, Spanish cedar, espave and spiny cedar. Amphibians, mammals and reptiles, are also abundant like turtles, hawksbill, monkeys, raccoons, paca and leatherback. Bird species are also present like yellow warbler, tiger-heron in Paridita and Parida Island.

Since this is a very wide national park, there are many outdoor activities that can be done. Some of these include sunbathing, sightseeing, deep sea diving, sport fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling and discovering the diverse life of marine species. Just like the whole of Panama, Chiriqui National Marine Park has a rainy season during the months of May until November. Its dry season is between the months of December until April, and this is when its best to take a break from a busy city life.