Coatepeque Caldera

Coatepeque Caldera possesses another name which is Lago De Coatepeque meaning “the snake hill”. This wonder of nature is a volcanic caldera situated in El Salvador in the central part of America with an elevation of 746 meters. Caldera is referring to cauldron-like volcano formed from the collapse of land which came from a volcanic eruption. It was built because of a series of major explosions happened around 72,000 years ago. Tourists can see it as a large crater lake at the eastern part Coatepeque Caldera municipality in Sta Ana. Its vast area is around twenty six sq kilometers and so it is recognized as one of the largest lakes. Inside it, you will find Teopan Island and some hot springs along the shore.

Coatepeque Caldera is included on the main tourist’s destinations in El Salvador that’s why it is very accessible. A semi circular structure named Chilamatal is found in its northwest part, and this is what wraps the Coatepeque caldera. To go there, just drive from San Salvador to Sta Ana. After forty kilometers, you will reach El Congo, and from there, the rim of the caldera is to be found.
El Salvador has a tropical dry and wet climate. Generally it is hot, but the coldest months are during November until February. In this case, visitors can come any time of the year depending on their preferences.