Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon, which is known to be an assembly of canyons, is located in Sierra Tarahumara found at the southwestern part of Chihuahua in Mexico. Its overall canyon system is even larger and deeper as compared to Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. There are six rivers forming the canyon, and they all form into Rio Fuerte and split into the Sea of Cortez. It was called Copper Canyon because of its walls reflecting the colors green or copper.

Copper Canyon is also rich in flora and fauna with its two hundred species of oak trees and twenty three species of pine. Before the deforestation happened, there was Mexican Douglas-fir covering the high plateaus for more than 8,000 feet. Once the rainy season ended, wildflowers start to bloom until October. During the dry season, scrubby trees and brushwood are what you can see around the canyon slopes.

Characterized by rugged and wild place as well as welcoming villages, this place is perfect for an adventure of a life time. Some activities that visitors should never miss are hiking, backpacking, biking, horse riding, zip lining, wall climbing and many more.
Copper Canyon has a generally fair climate where moderate temperatures are during March, April, October and November. All throughout the year, the bottom part, is warm and humid. April, May and June, are the warmest months and usually causes drought, but the rainy season starts in July. So, if you want to maximize your visit, stay away from the rainy season.