Corn Island

Corn Island is one of Nicaragua’s tropical paradises. The island is rich in exotic plants, native palms and fruit trees. Moreover, Corn Island has white and sandy beaches matched with clear blue-green waters. Along the beach shores of the island are several remnants of ships, as the area was a popular haven of buccaneers and pirates from many centuries ago.

Corn Islands are made up of the Big Corn Island and the Little Corn Island. These two islands are located at the east portion of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, and just nearby San Andreas Island of Colombia. The islands constitute one of the twelve municipalities, with several barrios and villages. From Nicaragua’s capital city, Managua, tourists can ride a regional airplane bound to Big Corn Island. There is a ferry departing from Big Corn Island, which can take anyone to the Little Corn Island.

The many features of this island entice the tourists to visit each year. Mount Pleasant, the highest point of Corn Island, is home to the rich flora and various plantations. Anyone can enjoy nature walks, hiking and horseback riding to this famous mountain in the island. The clear waters at Waula Point in Big Corn Island make a great place to go diving, snorkeling or fishing. Moreover, the tourists will enjoy glass bottom excursions to have a view of the 400-year old Spanish galleon wreck.

The driest months at Corn Island are during January to April, which are the ideal months to visit the place. However, tourists should avoid going to Corn Island during September and October because of the frequent occurrence of hurricanes.