Costa Rica

This country located in the Central America, just between Nicaragua and Panama, is home to abundant physical features such as mountains, volcanoes, and waterfalls. Costa Rica is also regarded as paradise in their part because of the natural wonders it possess. The species living in this country may reach up to thousands and the vegetation is not uniform among the cities in Costa Rica. To sum it up, this wonderful country is one of the richest countries in terms of natural wonders including the flora and fauna. Those tourists who are still planning where to go should consider going to Costa Rica for an unforgettable experience.

Montaverde Cloud Forest
This is found in the areas of Monteverde in the nice country of Costa Rica. Cloud forests are certain type of forest that the foliage is usually covered with clouds that gives moisture to the trees directly. And because of the natural water that supplies the trees and other plants, this place has been flourishing with hundreds of them and of course, animals that need a place to stay are provided by this vast forest. Tourists can enjoy activities in Montaverde Cloud Forest such as sky walking and rappelling, or just taking a walk in the cool air given by nature.

Poas Volcano National Park
Nearly an hour’s drive from the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, one can find the Poas Volcano. Tourists flock in this volcano for its frequent explosions of the craters. Today, only two craters are exhibiting explosions and are the top tourist destination in this area. Geysers are also found in this volcano and some of it mixes with mud so giving Poas Volcano as the place with the biggest geyser. Poas volcano also has a lake but unfortunately it is very acidic and is prohibited to even touch it. The surface of this volcano is covered in ash but surprisingly, there are still some animals that have adapted to the extreme environment given by the volcano. The yellow-green squirrel and some 70 birds live in the area.

Alajuela Nature
Alajuela is a city in Costa Rica, and the second largest city to be exact. This city offers tourist with beautiful sceneries of its rich highlands, many national parks and wildlife ranges. Here one can also find the most popular volcanic range of the Poas Volcano which gives hiking trails to tourists that want to take a nature walk towards the wonderful cloud forest. This city is filled with many natural wonders that you can choose from when taking a trip or just go to every nature spot that Alajuela provides.

Arenal Volcano
Northwest of Costa Rica, just about 50 miles from San Jose city, one can find one of the top ten active volcanoes named Arenal Volcano. This has only a height of 5700 feet remaining because of its major eruption in 1968. Even at this moment, this volcano is producing lava flows and it is wonderful to see during night time. The government made Arenal Volcano National Park in the early 1990’s to allow tourists to see the nightly lights it produces.

Light Blue River
This river is found in the Tenorio Volcano National Park, north of Costa Rica. The river is named such because of its rich mineral content that is mainly sulfur and calcium carbonate that is a substance present near volcanoes. The light blue color that the river possesses makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the country of Costa Rica.