Crater Lake

The Crater Lake National Park is situated in Southern Oregon, USA. This national park is the categorized as the sixth oldest park in the United States. The park includes the Crater Lake caldera which is a residue of the destroyed Mount Mazama volcano and hills that surround it.

The Crater Lake has a depth of 1958 feet making it as the deepest lake in the US. It is the 7th deepest lake in the whole world. The lake is remarkable because of its deep blue color. It is also one of the clearest fresh waters ever known. Its setting in the caldera likewise makes the lake a unique and brilliant sight for visitors. The Wizard Island and the much smaller Phantom Ship are in within the Crater Lake. Fishing and scuba diving are amongst the most pleasurable activities of the visitors within the lake.

Most of Crater Lake National Park’s wildlife is seldom visible. The Crater Lake has a diverse wildlife population. In the summer, elks, bald eagles and black bears come and roam the area. Year-round inhabitants are the pine martens, although they are mostly active during the winter. All animals that roam the park are wild, and management has policies to ensure that these animals do not get dependent on human food.

July and August are the best times to visit the Crater Lake National Park. The park is also open during the months of June to September. Most of the park’s facilities are close during winter.