Crooked Tree Wildlife Sancturary

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary is known to be a wildlife reserve situated in the west side of Northern Highway in Belize which is an essential area for birds which group to the place during the heat season to benefit from the food resources, clear waters and bliss of the area. This vast area is composed of marsh forest pine or oak savanna homestead farms broadleaf forest and fresh water lagoons. It is also housing wildlife like waterfowls, turtles, crocodiles, iguanas, monkeys and black bowler monkeys. It is known to be a combination of elongated lagoons being put together by savannas, logwood thickets and creeks. During the dry season, birds migrate in a large number coming from Yucatan and Peten swamps. When April comes, the Crooked Tree landscape is visited by different types of water birds, ducks and flocks.

The Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary visitor’s center is open for tourists. In here, you will find an amazing display of books, information materials and many more for just a minimal admission fee. In exchange, a trail and village map is given with facts and trivia about the sanctuary.

The Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary is open all throughout the year in the dry season around the month of April. For those who want to have a boat ride experience, coming a few weeks earlier is advised otherwise; the water becomes very shallow where bird watching is done on foot. The best bird watching season is between February and May where migratory birds stop and rest before heading to the North.