Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave Park is one the Pennsylvania’s main attraction. This underground beauty is in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, USA. John Gehret and William Merkel were blasting for limestone when they found a hole in the ground. Together with a small group of people they ventured into exploring what was beneath the hole. What they found was the Crystal Cave.
Most of the rock formation found at the Crystal Caves, are over 500,000 million years. The Devil’s Den is the caves lowest point at 155 feet below the surface of the earth. A rock formation in the cave, ‘The Upside-down Ice Cream Cone,” got its name from the multicolored calcite deposits, found underneath that appear like chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Other extraordinary looking rock formations found in the caves are approximately 500,000 million years old. Rock formations get their names from objects they look like. There is the Giant Tooth rock, the Cathedral Chamber and the Natural Bridge.

A must-see sight for all visitors to the Crystal Caves is the Lookout Point. It gives a beautiful view of almost all of the caves. Visitors to the caves can also enjoy the picturesque nature trail in the area as well as play at the mini golf course.

The Crystal Caves are home to some wildlife. A lot of North American brown bats inhabit the lowest points of the cave. The Crystal Caves are open for visitors the entire year, and there is no month preference to enjoy the caves. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Crystal Caves anytime of the year.