Cuscatlan Park

Located in El Salvador, Cuscatlan Park is one of the most popular parks in the country. Along San Salvador, it is known to be the biggest park and recognized to be one of the city’s primary “lungs”. Because of its perfect location, it acts as a haven away from the noisy city life and traffic jams. The park’s area is surrounded by large trees like almond trees and pines situated below the street level. When you go inside the park, you will see a lot of people resting and relaxing on benches. The park is not only a place to visit but also a good place to conduct different activities. The activities being held anytime are shooting games, shows of foreign artists, soccer games, jogging sessions, live music, concerts, parties and family gatherings. The Cuscatlan Park is also a strategic location for commercial areas and hospitals. Above all, the admission is for free which makes it very accessible and easy to visit.

Some of the good features of this park are the four different entry points and breakwaters built with walls. Aside from its good physical structure, it is also known for showcasing international and local arts like that of Salarrue National Exhibition Hall. The hall was named after Salvador Salazar who is the country’s famous national artist who pushed for the hall’s construction. Since 1959, it has already been opened to the public from Tuesday until Sunday.

San Salvador has a tropical dry and wet climate. Generally it is hot, but the coldest months are during November until February. In this case, visitors can come any time of the year depending on their preferences.