Located in Panama, Darien National Park is the largest national park in Central America and known to be a UNESCO world heritage site since 1980. Its vast area is at 325 kilometers coming from Panama City and one of the most important heritage sites in the whole Central America. In the year 1981, it was categorized as a biosphere where ordinary species of tapirs, macaw, harpy eagle and parrot are found. What captivates the heart of visitors is the beauty of the forest and landscape of the national park. All in all, the tropical rainforest, is at one million four hundred thousand acres.

Inside the national park, tourists will enjoy in the sandy beaches, mangroves, rocky coasts, tropical forests, swamps and the rich wildlife. It also forms a land bridge connecting the continents of South and Central America. Its monsoon forest has an average height of 40 meters with trees reaching the height of 50 meters. Its fauna is rich with mammals like giant anteater, ocelot, howler monkey, brown headed spider monkey, harpy eagles, jaguar, Baird’s tapir and American crocodiles. The highest mountain named Cerro Tacarcuna is also found within the park located in the Darien River Mountain Range which is close to the Caribbean Sea.

For those who love adventure involving wildlife, Darien National Park is the place to go. Tours and different activities are available, and some to name are jungle and boat trips, trekking, swimming, camping, sightseeing, picture taking. To enjoy all these activities dry season, which is from December to May is the best time to visit.