Death Valley

The famous Death Valley National Park is called as the “Land of Extremes.” It is considered as the driest and hottest park in the US. The park is an unbeatable desert consisting of snow-capped mountain ranges, streaming sand dunes, water-fluted canyons, plus multicolored layers of rock and a wilderness of 3 million acres.

The well-known Death Valley National Park is in both the states of Nevada and California. It is in the parched Great Basin, east of the Sierra Nevada in the United States. The park secures the Mojave Desert’s northwestern corner. Additionally, the park has a varied desert-like environment of sand dunes, salt-flats, canyons, valleys and mountains. The famed Death Valley National Park is an International Biosphere Reserve.

The Park has enjoyed a steady supply of visitors with more than 825,000 local and international tourists visiting the vast geologic features of the park annually. The park has ranger-guided programs during the early days of Fall all the way through Spring when temperatures are tolerable.

The legendary Death Valley National Park has a wide array of animal and plant life that has been able to adapt to the desert-like environment. Plants include desert wildflowers that appear after a winter rain. The desert bighorn sheep is the most studied fauna in the park. The park also has over 350 species of birds who are either inhabitants or transient visitors. Summer is too hot for visitors and, this is the time when foreigners come to visit. Springtime is the most common time visitors, troop to the park because of the sunny and warm days.