Della Falls

Located in Strathcona Provincial Park in Vancouver Island is the Della Falls. It is recognized as the tallest waterfall in the whole of Canada with its height of 1,443 feet. To reach Della Falls, the fastest is by taking a helicopter or crossing the Great Central Lake by the use of a boat. After that, it doesn’t end there since there’s a lot walking and camping to be done before the base of Della Falls can be reached.

Joe Drinkwater was the person who discovered Della Falls and named it after his loving wife. During that time, he created a 10 mile hiking trail going to the falls passing by Drinkwater Creek. There were also evidences of his mining activities and the aerial tramway he created until this time.

Della Falls is known for its vertical drop at 440 meters making it the highest waterfall in the country. Aside from this, the 16 kilometer trail hike is also very famous due to its high level of difficulty recommended only for professionals. It is a seven hour one way hike which starts at the lakehead’s shore in the eastern part. During the trail, hikers can pass by suspension bridges, gorge, creek, rock slide and forest.

Some activities like fishing, camping, canoeing are designed only for experienced hikers. Though it is not open for all types of visitors, Della Falls still remain to be a beauty of nature. For those who wish to take the challenge, the best time to visit is during the summer or late summer which is between the months of June until September.