Mt McKinley or Denali, which means “The High One”, is located in Alaska, USA. This is known to be the highest peak in the United States and North America at its elevation of 6194 meters above the sea level. It is situated at the center of Denali National Park, and Preserve has two summits, which are the prominence and the North Summit. There are also five huge glaciers which flow off the slopes. The Peters Glacier is at the northwest side, Muldrow at the northeast, Traleika at the eastern side, Ruth at the southeast part and the Kahitna at the southwest side of the mountain.

Aside from being known as the coldest mountain in the world, it is also regarded as very dangerous for hikers. In connection, there are routes which are very technical in nature, so professional hikes are the only ones allowed to climb it. This mountain has always been a goal for high altitude climbers since it had its first hikers in the year 1913. Its reputation of being a highly coveted summit was derived from its location because it is near the Pacific Ocean and Arctic Circle giving the extremely intense weather in the whole world.

Generally, the mountain has a very extreme cold weather which can be as low as -75.5 degrees Fahrenheit; however, there is still a perfect time to climb both major and low peaks. For major peaks, the best time to climb is from May to July and for the lower peaks, it is during the month of April.