El Imposible National Park

El Salvador, which means Republic of the Savior, is the smallest and yet most populated country in Central America. In this small country, you will find the El Imposible National Park. It is actually one of the rare tropical rain forests left in El Salvador. Set up in 1989, it acts as the source for the eight rivers furnishing potable drinking water within the adjacent towns. Its vast area covers 38.2 sq kilometers and its altitude is between 250 meters and 1425 meters. It is situated in the Apaneca Ilamatepec mountain range with 300 to 1450 meters above the sea level. Its varying ecosystem includes 1000 species of plants, 282 species of birds, 103 mammals, 53 species of amphibian and 500 butterflies and animal species like tigrillos, eagles, wild boars, pumas, and many more.

El Imposible National Park is the first national park in the whole country established in 1989. The phrase “El Imposible” refers to the high mountains pass and risky gorge being used by traders upon entering El Salvador coming from Guatemala. In this place, the largest bird named King Vulture can be found along with different bird species like an owl and Great Curassow. Wildlife like wild boars, black-crested eagles, pumas and king hawks, lion, margay cat is also living in its ecosystem.

Since El Salvador has a tropical climate which includes wet and dry season, it is best to visit during the dry season. The cold season covers the months of November until February. Depending on the visitor’s preferences, El Imposible National Park is open to share the beauty of nature.