Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park is located in Alaska, USA and was proclaimed to be a US National Monument in 1925. Its vast area covers 13,287 square kilometers. Any visitor to the park should only travel by air since there are no roads leading to the park. Despite of this, a lot of tourists still visit the place.

The Glacier Bay National Park is known for its marine wilderness where you can see snow-capped mountain ranges, tidewater glaciers, deep fjords, ocean coastlines and freshwater lakes and rivers. In addition to these, there are also plant communities and terrestrial wildlife presented. With such, it makes a perfect and unique area for learning and adventuring especially for teachers and students.

There is also a diverse wildlife in the park which includes black bears, mountain goats, dall sheep, lynx, harbor seals, orcas, humpback, bald eagles, salmon, waterfowl and many more. Aside from wild life viewing, the park also offers activities like recreational boating, guided trips, paddling, kayaking, backpacking, rafting, fishing, hunting in the preserve area, fishing, bird watching, mountaineering and camping.

Glacier Bay National Park is open to visitors all throughout the year; however, their services are restricted during the winter season. It also has a Visitor Center which opens starting late May until September where exhibits are shown round the clock. This offers permits, orientation for recreational boaters and campers, information, maps, nautical charts and other types of assistance to tourists.

So, for those who are searching for solitude and wilderness, this is the perfect place for you.