Glacier National Park

, which is located in Montana, USA borders the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta in Canada. Its vast area is at 4,000 square kilometers, which includes more than 130 lakes, two mountain ranges and over 1,000 species of animals and plants. There is also a pristine ecosystem at the center which is called “Crown of the Continent Ecosystem” with an area of 41,000 square kilometers.

This paradise includes alpine meadows, spectacular lakes, pristine forests and rugged mountains. Its trail is very long at 700 miles, which becomes a haven for hikers. The park still has its local animal and plant species which include mountain goat, grizzly, lynx, and wolverine which all live in the area. It is also endowed with more wild life with over 260 bird species, over dozen species of fish, amphibians, more than a thousand plant species and reptiles.

One of the outdoor activities within the park is the main road tour being offered by Red Jammers. This is where the tourists are given a guided tour with the use of a red bus. Additionally, there are also recreational activities like wooden tour boats, hiking, back country camping, fishing, and cross-country skiing.

The perfect tourist season is the summer time where daytime temperatures are averaging from 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. For those who want to go camping, campgrounds open from mid of June until mid September. Accommodations are also available to those who want to explore the beauty of nature for several days.