Glover’s Reef

Found in the southern coast of Belize, Glover’s Reef is an atoll which means a coral island that partially or completely surrounds a lagoon. It is submerged partially and forms its part of the outermost boundary of Belize Barrier Reef. It size is at 32 kilometers in length and 12 kilometers in width. Its major cays (which mean a sandy island formed at the surface of coral reefs) are Long Cay, Southwest Cay, Amounme Point Cay, Northeast Cay and Middle Cay. It is also known as a shallow lagoon with its more than 700 patch reefs perfect for several outdoor activities.

Glover’s Reef has diverse reef types along the western part of the Caribbean. This is also where you will find an endangered species named Nassau grouper, which only has two remaining viable sites. In connection, it was recognized as a special marine reserve where fishing is strictly prohibited. It is also a nursery and a good feeding area for species like conch, lobster and finifish.
There are several activities to do in Glover’s Reef and to name some are cave rafting, snorkeling, zip lining, swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, sun bathing, sightseeing, picture taking and many more. With regards to its wildlife, you may have a close encounter with sting rays, barracudas, turtles, sharks, crabs, conch, lobsters and many more variety of fish.

If you plan of visiting this natural wonder, you are free to visit all year round. Though there may be a few rains throughout the year, generally the weather is warm, perfect for a summer vacation.