Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, which is situated in Arizona, USA is a steep-sided canyon divided by the Colorado River. It is found inside the Grand Canyon National Park, which is known to be the 15th national park of United States. Its vast area has a length of 277 miles, width of 18 miles and depth of 1800 meters also famous to be part of the Wonders of the Natural World.

Its ecosystem is very diverse with its estimated 1737 vascular plant species, 64 moss species, 167 fungi species, and 195 lichen species. At the western section, of the canyon, Mojave Desert is found and Sonoran desert vegetation is at the eastern section with pinyon pine and ponderosa growing on both rims. With regards to its animals, there are 34 species of mammals where 15 are rodents and 8 are bats. The park has several major ecosystems, and its biological diversity is attributed to the three desert types and five life zones in North America. The life zones include Upper Sonoran, Hudsonian, Transition, Lower Sonoran and Canadian which is similar to the length of travelling from Mexico to Canada.

While visiting Grand Canyon, you should not miss activities like hiking, guided tours, canyon explorations, river trips, river rafting, visiting art exhibits, biking, and jogging. The weather in Grand Canyon differs depending on the elevation. The forested rims are receiving winter snowfall while the inner gorge has the same temperature as the low elevation desert. It is advised to have a planned visit due to potentially extreme temperatures added with high altitudes.

The park is open 24 hours a day, all year round and the best time to enjoy the park is during the summer season which is also its peak time.