Gros Morne National Park

Located in the west coast of Newfoundland in Canada, Gros Morne National Park is recognized as a world heritage site since 1987. It is the second biggest national park in Canada with its vast area of 697 square miles next to Torngat Mountains National Park. Its name was derived from the name of the second highest mountain peak of Newfoundland found in the park which means “great sombre”. It was set up in the year 1973 but only on 2005 when it became a reserved making it one of Canada’s’ National Parks.

This park is also rich in wildlife such as tree species of spruce and balsam fir trees, animals like sea ducks, arctic hare, black, whales, bear, caribou, moose, marten and lynx. Land mammals are also abundant like bats, hares, shrews, squirrels, beavers, rats, mice, deer and many more. It is characterized by a natural beauty, wildlife, recreational activities and beautiful scenery. Some of the recommended activities are hiking, mountain trekking, camping, ice skiing, boating, swimming, sightseeing and picture taking.
During your visit to Gros Morne National Park, it is important not to forget visiting places like Shallow Bay Beach, Tablelands, Long Range Mountains, Gulf of St Lawrence and Western Brook Fiord. For those who prefer to spend a night or two, there are several accommodations available nearby.

It is important to plan your vacation to make the experience memorable. If you want to have a warm vacation, the perfect months are July and August. For activities like hiking and sea kayaking, business is open from mid May to late September.