Guatemala is a country in Central America with neighboring countries like Mexico, Belize, Caribbean, Honduras, El Salvador and Pacific Ocean. Its vast area is at 42,043 square miles with a population of 13,550,440 as of 2010. The capital city is Guatemala City and Guatemalan people peaks the Spanish language. The country has a diverse culture from the native Maya people and Spanish. Aside from the diverse cultures, it is also endowed with natural wonders.

Pacaya Volcano
Pacaya Volcano began to be an active volcano in 1965 since it is composed of lava flows, ash eruptions and volcanic eruptions. Though it is not considered the highest volcano, it is known to be the most climbed by mountaineers in the whole Guatemala. Adding to its popularity is Lake Atitlan, which makes it a favorite destination for tourists. There are two trails going to Pacaya Volcano, which are the gentle trail which starts at San Francisco de Sales and known to be well maintained and safe for parking, and the tough trail, which is considered to be more rewarding and has more photogenic views.

Lago de Atitlan Lake
Lago de Atitlan Lake is a big lake which does not flow to the sea, located in the Guatemalan Highlands. It is known to be the most immersed lake in Central America with a depth of 340 meters. It is surrounded by three volcanoes on the southern portion, and you will find Mayan people, villages and town around it. Its vast surface area is at 50.2 square miles and 5125 feet for its surface elevation. Activities like paragliding, biking, horseback riding, kayaking, fishing, volcano climbing and zip lining are just some of the few things to enjoy.

Laguna Lachua
Laguna Lachua, which is described to be a Karstic lake in Guatemala, is found at the center of a national park covered with tropical rainforests. In the year 1976, it was proclaimed as a national park with an area of 145 square kilometers around the lake. It has a diverse ecosystem consisting of reptiles, bird species, mammals, and a sanctuary for flora species. Visitors can enjoy activities like camping, hiking, picnic, cook out, canoeing at a minimal fee of $4.00. The park’s entry is a few kilometers before you reach Playa Grande, and from there, you can walk another four kilometers going to the lakeside passing through the nice forest trails.

Rio Dulce
Rio Dulce, which means “Sweet River” in Spanish, is a fresh, clear and clean body of water situated in Izabal district. It is one of the most loved cruising destinations and recreation areas in the world. The place is still in its natural state since you will not find any industrial area near it. It also links to Lake Izabal, which is known to be the largest lake in the country. Spending a few nights in Rio Dulce is a good decision since you will experience the peace and tranquility you need for a vacation. El Canyon is one of the attractive spots which make Rio Dulce memorable due to the tall canyon walls rising on both sides of the river that reaches a height of 300-400 feet.

Semuc Champey
Semuc Champey, which means “Sacred Water”, is a natural monument located at Alta Verapaz. It has several small pools and ponds with a natural limestone bridge crossing the Cahabon River. Founded in 2005, Semuc Champey has an area of seven square miles. If you come from Guatemala City, you will have roughly seven hour travel or 45 miles from Coban. Swimming is the best activity in Semuc Champey as long as you stay only at the pools above the bridge. Each pool is about three feet deep with very vivid colors of emerald green turning to dark sapphire blue. It is also part of a national park founded with the purpose of protecting the nearby pools and terrains.