Half Moon Cay Beach

Half Moon Cay Beach used to be a place named Little San Salvador found in the Bahamas; however, it was renamed to give honor to Henry Hudson’s small ship. It is a spectacular and breathtaking sandy island where you can find amazing crescent shaped beaches. There are several outdoor and water activities to enjoy such here such as bicycling, deep-sea fishing, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, para-sailing, snorkeling, swimming with multitudes of sting rays, and watercraft riding.

Located at about 100 miles of Nassau, Half Moon Cay is known to be the most amazing and magnificent Private Island for cruise lines. The clear and blue water with a crescent shape is at nine (9) miles long with thousands of coconut palms surrounding the vast area. The developed portion is already 45 acres from the total of 2,500 acres. Despite of the small percentage, the whole island is accessible by walkways and trams.

For the first time visitors, swimming is the first activity that they shouldn’t miss. In addition, scuba diving, jet skiing, fishing and snorkeling are also such a hit. Rentals for sailboats, windsurfer sailboards, Hobie Catamaran, kayaks, float mats and aqua cycles are also readily available to ensure a total outdoor experience.

Tourists can enjoy the tropical climate with an average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit with a very few occasions of cold front. This beautiful climate is what makes Half Moon Cay Beach a nice place for relaxation and the most suitable place to experience beach massage and other forms of rare enjoyment.