Jeanette Kawas National Park

The Jeanette Kawas National Park, formerly known as Punta Sal, is one of the largest reserves in Honduras. A majestic white sand beach and seawater filled with seaweeds greet anyone upon arriving to the island. However, a few more walks from the beach will lead to a hiking trail. The trail is full of different kinds of exotic plants, trees and tropical birds. After a tiring walk, anyone can pause and have a swim in the surrounding waters.

The wide stretch of land that makes up the Jeanette Kawas National Park measures 78,150 hectares. It is situated at the northern coast of Honduras. The exotic park is a part of the reserve, which consists of different ecosystems such as marine, terrestrial and non-marine wetlands. Tourists will delight on the lush rainforests, lagoons, sandy beaches, wetlands, coral reefs and coastal waterways. The coral barrier reefs in the park make up the largest reefs in Honduras. Because of the reserve, the Jeanette Kawas National Park is home to rare species of flora and fauna. There are several rare species of animals in the island such as tropical birds, marine turtles, dolphins and reptiles.

The best months to visit the place is during the dry months, December to May, as the tourists will have an easier walking on the trails and engaging in exciting water activities. It is also during those months that about 350 different species of birds flock the island. Thus, any tourist will experience the full-bloom wonders of the park when the weather is just right.