La Mosquitia tropical rainforest is a rich region that holds a wide array of natural treasures such as lagoons, lush forests, mangrove swamps, savannas, breathtaking beaches, rivers and waterfalls. The tropical rainforest in this region is the largest in the entire Central America. La Mosquitia is home to the indigenous people, diverse and rich habitats, exciting cultures and interesting species of flora and fauna.

The vastness of La Mosquitia tropical rainforest measures over 32,500 square miles. It occupies a huge portion of the eastern coast of Nicaragua and Honduras. The tropical rainforest lies along the Mosquito Coast. There are few roads in this underdeveloped region; thus, the entire place is accessible only by air of water.

Many tourists adore the tranquility and simple beauty of the rainforest. Because of the inaccessibility of the rainforest, a huge percentage of the area is left untouched. Hence, the lagoons and the coast make a safe habitat for rare animal species such as the West Indian manatee and the green sea turtle. The forests and the prairies in the region contain countless species of mammals and reptiles. These habitats serve as the refuge of jaguars, tapirs, American crocodiles, giant anteaters and many more.

Tourists should avoid visiting La Mosquitia during the rainy seasons, particularly the months of October to January. The winter storms make it very challenging to travel by water or air, and the roads flood during the rainy months. Other than those months, anyone would enjoy discovering the natural beauty of the untouched tropical rainforests of La Mosquitia.