Laguna Lachua

Laguna Lachua is a pristine clear lake that comes in a nearly perfect circular shape. The lake features a vast land that measures 14,500 hectares, which appears like a patch of land floating in the middle of turquoise pure waters. The lake of Lachua is situated below sea level, with a depth of 222 meters and an altitude of 173 meters. Researchers have discovered that the waters in the lagoon contain high levels of sulphur and calcium deposits. Thus, they have formulated a theory that petroleum lies beneath the waters of Laguna Lachua.

The breathtaking Laguna Lachua is located in Guatemala, in the northwest portion of Coban. There are beautiful forests nestled in Laguna Lachua. These forests serve as the sanctuaries of over 300 species of rare and exotic birds, as well as some mammal species. La Sultana is a forested peak found at Laguna Lachua. The peak is home to different species of birds such as keel-billed toucans and the mealy parrots. There are also jaguars, cougar, spotted paca and about 120 species of rare mammals found in the national parks at Laguna Lachua.

The dry seasons are in March to May, and the winter months are in December to January. It is advisable for tourists to avoid these months when planning their visit to Laguna Lachua. Dry seasons can be extremely hot, while the winter makes the place very cold and damp. Hence, the best months to travel in Laguna Lachua are April to November.