Lake Atitlan

Located in the Guatemalan Highlands is Lake Atitlan, which is a lake, characterized by not following toward the sea. Its name was derived from the Mayan term “atitlan” with has a translation of “really too much for a good thing” or too good to be true. It is known to be the most profound lake in Central America with its depth at 340 meters. It is specifically found 30 miles west northwest of Antigua. It is enclosed with three volcanoes namely Toliman, Atitlan and San Pedro and craggy mountains. Around it is the fifteen villages or towns where Mayan people settle, but few foreign settlers can also be found. Since the soil is rich, agricultural products grow such as squash, onions, beans, tomatoes, garlic, chile verde, pitahaya fruit, cucumbers, avocados and strawberries.

The main transportation is by boat which travels many times daily. Private boats can be rented for a tour in order to explore the beauty of Lago de Atitlan Lake. Some recommended activities include boating, swimming, snorkeling, visiting Maya villages, sunset viewing, volleyball, sunbathing, zip lining, hiking, sightseeing which won’t be complete without picture taking.

Along the shore, the Nature Reserve of San Buenaventura is located. It occupies an estimated half of the valley sharing with 250 acres of native forest. In connection, some attractions were developed such as butterfly preserve, nature trails, bird refuge, orchid garden and a visitor’s center.