Masaya volcano

Masaya volcano is a shield volcano, which is built almost completely out of fluid lava flows. The floor of the Masaya caldera is covered with poorly vegetated lava, while the far eastern portion of the caldera is occupied by a lake. The area surrounding the volcano has become a national park, the first and the largest park in Nicaragua. The park has a vast area of 54 km, and it contains five craters and two volcanoes. In the Western Hemisphere, the Masaya is the only volcano that makes it possible for anyone to drive until the rim.

The Masaya volcano is situated at the southern portion of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. From Managua, the Masaya Volcano National Park is only a half an hour drive. Tourists will enjoy going to the park right before sunset, where they can find several green parakeets returning to the volcano to roost. Anyone can also find a large number of bats departing from their cave, also during sunset or at dusk. Another interesting activity in the park is a tour in the underground tunnel. It is also at night when the glowing hot lava is visible when one looks down inside the volcano’s crater. The tunnel contains a wide spectacle of rock formations that awe many tourists.

The best time to visit Masaya volcano national park is during the dry months, particularly November through March. It is during these months that the weather is favorable for anyone to enjoy the exciting activities such as hiking and the tour to the underground tunnel.