Na Pali Coast

Na Pali Coast is a rugged and steep coastline that measures about fifteen miles. The coast is inaccessible to the public because of its rugged cliffs that rise several feet above the Pacific Ocean. Thus, the best way to reach the coast is by boating. Na Pali Coast is an exciting place to go for tourists can enjoy sailing, boating, fishing and snorkeling in the fresh and clear waters.

The Na Pali Coast is located in the Northwest portion of Kaua’i, in the Hawaiian island. Those who wish to reach the valleys in Na Pali may ride canoes or boats. There are boat tours that allow tourists to explore the beauty of the coast. When the waters are calm, anyone can ride kayaks for a truly exciting experience. Adventurous tourists can also enjoy getting around Na Pali Coast by land. There are hiking trails that offer strenuous activities for an incredible way to get around the place.

The tourists will have the time of their life discovering and exploring the wonderful sights all over Na Pali Coast. Snorkeling is a popular activity in the coast because of the different species of fishes in the fresh waters of the coast. The rich wildlife at Na Pali Coast includes the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, Hawaiian Monk Seal, Hawaiian Humpback whale, dolphins and several species of tropical fishes.

The best time of the year to visit Na Pali Coast is in the summer, where the tourists can enjoy several activities and recreation because of the calm waters.