Pacaya Volcano

Pacaya Volcano, located in Guatemala is an active volcano with its first eruption happened estimated 23,000 years ago. Its elevation is at 8373 feet specifically found 19 miles of Guatemala City near Antigua. After being inactive for one hundred years, Pacaya Volcano became violent in 1965 until now. Despite of the eruptions, it is still a popular tourist destination because of its breathtaking mountain view and the Pacaya National Park. This park is known to have generated income from tourism.

The last eruption of Pacaya Volcano was on May 2010 and prior to that was 2008. For mountaineers, it is believed to be a complex and challenging hike and yet most climbed. For a safe tour, it is advised to go with a licensed tour guide readily available.

TO go to Pacaya Volcano, there are two mountain trails available. The first is the easy or gentle trail being used by tour groups starting at San Francisco de Sales. In this trail, you will pass by the official entrance where you need to pay for a minimal admission fee. You will notice that the trail is being taken care of, clean, organized and patrolled by rangers. It also has a safe area for parking with several stores selling food and refreshments. The next trail is the complex one which is a bit tough. This is recommended for experienced hikers.

Hiking in Pacaya Volcano needs a whole day trip starting in the morning when the weather is good. Rainy season is between May and September. To visit, you can do it anytime of the year except during the rainy months.