Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest got its name because of the numerous deposits of Petrified wood all over the park. The forest has a wide area of 146 square miles, which consists of semi-dessert steppe and badlands that are colorful and eroded. The half portion of the park is a wilderness, while the other parts are full of different kinds of plants and animals.

The Petrified Forest is located in the northeastern part of Arizona, particularly in the Apache and Navajo counties. The total elevation of the forest is 5400 feet. The typical climate is dry and windy during the summer, and it is below freezing point in the winter. Many people visit Petrified Forest every year because of the interesting activities and recreations that they can do in the place. Hiking, camping, sightseeing and photography is among the great activities that the tourists love to do at Petrified Forest.

Moreover, the forest is rich in fauna and flora. About 100 species of grass grow only in the region. Among the different types of grass and shrubs at Petrified Forest are sagebrush, mariposa lily, blue flax, bush mushy, bunchgrass and bearded sprangletop. Nature lover will enjoy taking photographs of the animals that are common in the forest such as bobcats, deer mice, coyotes, foxes, pronghorns and hares. There are also several species of insects, birds and reptiles.

The best time to visit Petrified Forest is in the summer, particularly in July. During this month, the climate is just right, thus making it easy for tourists to go around and witness the beauty of the forest.