Rio Dulce

Rio Dulce is the Spanish word for “sweet river”, which perfectly describes this spectacular river in Central America. Because there are no commercial industries along the water system, the waters of Rio Dulce remain clean, fresh and clear. Many tourists enjoy the tranquil ambience of Rio Dulce, thus making the place ideal for relaxation. Rio Dulce is also home to different species of birds and plants. Sight-seeing, boating and several other activities are among the reasons why Rio Dulce is a popular tourist spot in the world.

Rio Dulce is located in Guatemala, particularly in Izabal. The river flows in several regions such as in Fronteras and El Gofete. Then, the river enters the vast Caribbean Sea near the town of Livingston. Rio Dulce serves as the passageway to several destinations such as Tikal, Copan, Livingston and Belize. Once aboard a sailboat, tourists will be amazed at the fabulous sights along the Rio Dulce. El Canyon, one of the best attractions in the river, features giant canyon walls that stand beside the river. There are also huge trees and slender vines that can be seen while boating at Rio Dulce. The different plant species such as mahogany, teak and palms grow in the land areas near the river. There are also toucans, howler monkeys and herons within the forests surrounding Rio Dulce.

The best months to visit Rio Dulce are November and December because the temperature is just right and there are no clouds to prevent tourists from seeing the amazing views. These are the perfect months to have the great view of the surrounding forests in Rio Dulce.