Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is a famous park in the U.S, which features outstanding views of the mountains, hiking trails, campsites and a variety of environments such as forests and tundra. The park was first established in 1915, and it is governed by the National Park Service. The Rocky Mountain National park covers a huge area that measures 265,770 acres. The park contains hundreds of miles of streams, trails and lakes. The park has about 60 peaks, and Longs Peak is the highest of all the mountains at Rocky Mountain National Park.

This national park is situated at the north-central portion of Colorado in the U.S.A. The Rocky Mountain National Park is nearby Grand lake and Estes Park in Colorado. Many tourists flock the park every year to witness the beautiful alpine flowers, clear and fresh waters of the lakes, and the various wildlife. The montane forests at the park have the perfect climate for ponderosa pines and Douglas firs grow. Ptarmigans, elks, bighorn sheep, and coyotes are among the many other species of animals that are common in the park.

Those who prefer to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park should avoid the very hot or extremely cold months. July and August are the driest and warmest months, while October and February are the coldest months. Thus, it is advisable to visit the park during the summer, preferably in June. During this month, many tourists will find it easy and convenient to walk the trails or take photographs of the idyllic places in the park.