Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey is part of a National Park at Guatemala, particularly in Alta Verapaz. It features a series of ponds and pools located on a natural bridge that stretches across Cahabon River. The words Semuc Champey came from the Mayan Kekchi language, which means “sacred water”. The waters of the Cahabon River flow underground Semuc champey, for about 350 meters. The pools are about three feet deep, and they produce the lovely colors of emerald, turquoise and the dark shade of sapphire blue. The clear waters make a relaxing venue swim, or just sit by a rock and listen to the gentle rush of the water.

Semuc Champey is located at Alta Verapaz in Guatemala. This natural treasure is about 70 kilometers from Coban. The giant limestone bridge at Semuc Champey borders the series of small pools and waterfalls. Aside from the bodies of water in Semuc Champey, tourists will enjoy the walking trails and crossing the hanging wooden bridges. A longer trail leads to a mountainside. The top of the mountain makes a perfect spot for viewing the rivers, although it is a challenge to climb this spot.

Semuc Champey is indeed a lovely natural jewel that is home to several species of fauna and flora. The place has a cool and wet climate all year round, which makes any month of the year ideal to visit this natural monument. Anyone will enjoy the breathtaking view of the place, coupled by a number of interesting water and land activities.