Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is named after the giant sequoia trees that are very common in the park. Since the park was first established, which was in 1890, many tourists visit the place because of the picturesque sights and relaxing ambiance. The park covers a wide land area of 404,051 acres. The Sequoia National Park is composed of a front country and a backcountry. Many of the tourists enter the park through front country, with the entrance at the Three Rivers town. The front country offers a magnificent sight of different giant trees such as the ponderosa pine, red fir, white fir and lodgepole pine. On the other hand, the backcountry features Mount Whitney, the highest elevation in the park.

The Sequoia National Park is located at the Tulare County in California, U.S.A. The park features numerous caves, hiking trails, camping grounds and tranquil meadows. The lower elevations of the park are home to a number of animal species including bobcats, American black bears, Douglas squirrels, mountain lions, mule deer and rattlesnakes. When the climate is pleasant, anyone can enjoy walking along the trails that feature a great view of the giant sequoias, Sherman trees and ponderosa pines.

The best time of the year that tourists should visit the Sequoia National Park is May to July. These months bring the ideal temperature for anyone to go hiking, sightseeing or horseback riding in the park. Moreover, the tourists will also enjoy the pleasant climate to go on a camping trip around this beautiful natural treasure in California.