Trifinio Biosphere Reserve

Trifinio Biosphere Reserve is situated Cerro Montecristo in the country of Guatemala. Created in 1987, Trifinio Biosphere Reserve aims to protect Montecristo’s cloud forest and its unique flora and fauna. Its area is at 221 sq kilometers or 7874 feet. Its thick cloud forest consists of laurel trees and oak trees which grow to a maximum of 30 meters. It also houses wild life like two-fingered anteater, toucans, pumas, spider monkeys and agoutis. Due to the joined efforts of the three countries named Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, Trifinio Biosphere Reserve was built.

Some recommended activities are camping, bird watching, biking, sightseeing and picture taking which will make a vacation memorable. Accommodations and other amenities are readily available for visitors who want to stay longer.

Guatemala has three types of climate namely tropical, temperate and cold thus affecting Trifinio Biosphere Reserve. The first one is characterized by hot and humid both during the day and night all year round. The second climate is characterized by cold nights like that of Lake Antitlan, Semuc Champey and Antigua Guatemala. Lastly, the cold climate gives a little chill in the morning and very cold in the evening.

Trifinio Biosphere Reserve’s rainy season starts around the middle of May until October or November which completes a perfect vacation. For the months of March, April, and May, there is a short, dry season with very few rain showers. For those who are planning for a vacation, you may visit during these months for maximum pleasure.