Veracruse Coral Reef

The coral reef system of Veracruz is a national park, which is made of two areas. The first area is in front of Punta Anton Lizardo, while the other is fronting the city of Veracruz. Several islands, 23 reefs, and islets combine the coral reef system. The Veracruz coral reef system is wealthy in flora and in fauna. However, the reef system has faced the threats of pollution due to human activities. The residues from chemicals due to the dumping of wastes in the rivers caused some damages to some aquatic species and corals in the reef system.

The coral reef system of Veracruz measures 52,238 ha, located at the Gulf of Mexico. The reef system is home to several species of fishes, clams, mollusks, crustaceans, sea urchins, starfish and snails. There are also different kinds of aquatic plants and algae in the reef system. Aside from the natural wonders, there are sunken ships and wrecks that divers can only discover in the Veracruz system of coral reef.

Many tourists enjoy a variety of activities in the vicinity coral reef system of Veracruz. There are shark aquariums and aquariums, where anyone can view numerous species of aquatic creatures. Snorkeling, boating, and diving are also exciting sports activities that tourists love about this natural treasure. The best time to trip the place is during the summer, where the weather is perfect for all sorts of activities. Moreover, the waters are typically calm during the summer months, thus providing tourists an easier time exploring the depths of the waters.