Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon is frequently called as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific because of its massive area that is home to many natural wonders. The canyon is huge, as it measures 10 miles in length and 3,000 feet in depth. The name of the canyon means “reddish” in Hawaiian. The canyon got its name for the reddish soil that has eroded. The Waimea Canyon State Park protects the entire canyon. The park occupies a total of 1,866 acres of land area. It is a famous tourist attraction on the island because of its beautiful hiking trails set in the wilderness.

The Waimea Canyon is situated on the western portion of Kaua’i, on the island of Hawaii. It is a little smaller than the Arizona Grand Canyon, yet the Waimea Canyon offers numerous idyllic sights. The canyon features lookout and hiking trails that provide excellent views. There is also a museum located in the park. Birdwatching is a popular recreation in the park because of the different species of exotic birds that can be found in the canyon. Among the types of birds in Waimea Canyon are Red Cardinal, Mynah, Japanese White-eye, Shamah Trush and the Melodious Laughing Thrush. Aside from birds, there are feral goats, bullfrogs, and wrinkled frogs in the wetlands.

Since Kaua’i has a stable and consistent weather, tourists can visit Waimea Canyon at any month of the year. However, the ideal months would be April, May, August and September because of the cool climate with little amount of precipitation. During these months, tourists can enjoy hiking and climbing the beautiful canyons.