Xel-Ha came from the Mayan language, which means “spring water”. This beautiful natural wonder is an eco-archaeological place. It is considered as a huge open sea aquarium because of the diverse species of sea creatures found in it. Moreover, Xel-Ha offers exciting recreations that nature lovers will adore. Aside from the ecological wonders and attractions, Xel-Ha is home to superb restaurants and shops that will appeal to any tourist. Xel-Ha provides anyone with a fascinating ecological experience.

Xel-Ha is located on the eastern portion of Quintana Roo, Mexico. This gigantic open sea natural aquarium amazes many tourists because of the numerous activities that Xel-Ha offers. Snorkeling is a popular recreation at Xel-Ha. The clear waters of Xel-Ha are home to a number of sea creatures such as the angelfish, barracuda, puffer fish, stingrays, sergeant, queen conch and several other marine species. Xel-Ha also allows the tourists to experience the exciting river tours, where they can explore the waters while seated on the floating tires. There are also lovely caves that can provide anyone with tranquility and relaxation while inside the peaceful caves.

The best time to go to Xel-Ha is from December until February, when the temperature is just right for a number of activities in this beautiful place. During these months, the waters are not too cold, which allows anyone to enjoy a good swim. Moreover, typhoons and other disturbances are seldom during the months of December up to February. Hence, the tourists can have the most out of their trip.