Yosemite Falls

The Yosemite Falls is the highest falls in North America. It has a total height of 2,425 feet from the top to the bottom portion of the falls. The famous Yosemite Falls is made up of three unique sections. The upper falls have a measurement of 1,430 feet. There are trails from the valley and other areas of the park, which lead to the upper falls. Swift rushing waters from the Yosemite creek make up the waters at the upper falls. The central cascades are not frequently noted because of the constricted and narrow shape of the gorge. The lower falls have the most accessible viewing area, and it measures 320 feet in length.

The Yosemite Falls is found in California, U.S.A. This three-tiered falls is a famous tourist attraction because of the clear waters and the fascinating sights it offers. Even when there is little snow, the water may stop flowing in the late fall or summer. Some people attempt to climb the rock face located beneath the falls. However, this can be very dangerous because a thunderstorm can resume the flow of the waters, causing the climber to rush straight to the bottom of the waters.

Many animals can be found in the trails around Yosemite Falls. This natural wonder is home to black bears, marmots, California ground squirrel, mountain lions, rainbow trout, Peregrine falcon, great grey owl and many other species of animals. The perfect time to visit Yosemite Falls is recommended to be during the summer, as the tourists can take advantage of the beautiful weather that will allow them to hike, swim and enjoy the sights that the majestic falls offers.